Basic skin care and make-up application are important image skills for an image consultant to have, even if they do not wish to use the skills within their business model.

Consultants who include make-up in their business quickly realize how important it is to their female client’s overall image and how valuable it can be as a revenue source to add to their bottom-line profit through the sale of make-up.

This module is very basic and designed for the student who has had little to no exposure to make-up tech


• Make-up Basics (applications techniques and tools)
• Basic Skin Care
• Setting up Your Studio
• Where to get Salon Quality Cosmetic and Skin Care Range
• Determining Correct Cosmetic Colors and Formulas for clients
• Hands on Cosmetic Application


• Full Colour 80 page training manual
• Sample promotion materials and ideas
• Access to salon quality make-up and skincare


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